Friday, June 3, 2011

Couples Wedding Shower Invitation...Party Tomorrow!

(Double click to see it larger!)

We are hosting a Couples Wedding Shower this weekend for our friends Sara and Matt. This is the invitation that I designed. (I put it on a purple background for you to see better, but it was sent with no border.) We cut out felt to put on the mustache, placed them in brown envelopes that open on the end, included a popsicle stick for folks to cut and attach to their mustaches, and sealed them with a circular white sticker. Ryan wrote the addresses on the front in his smart handwriting, and I wrote our return address in a circle around the white round sticker.

I'm super excited to put all the things I have planned and prepared into place tomorrow.

I love parties.


  1. Our visit to the Philbrook this week had me searching for more on Google, glad it did because I found your great site! I blogged about the gardens and museum the past 3 days with all the wonderful pictures!

  2. Joycee, you make me feel good. Thank you. I've been a bit busy in my work life lately, but I hope to be blogging more regularly soon. I'm excited to explore your blog as well.


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