Thursday, June 2, 2011

Year of the Yard: First Time Homeowner Yard Work

House with no bed trim.

Did I tell you that this year is officially dubbed "The Year of the Yard"? Because, it is.

We spent the past year and a half painting the inside, slowly arranging furniture (Still doing this!), getting rid of excess (Still doing this too!), learning to take our garbage out on time and do dishes, it is time for the yard.

Beds with boundaries!

A few weekends ago, we planted hostas in the front east bed to match the large one that was already there, we planted new azaleas between the old ones to fill them in eventually, we put bushes and flowers in the back bed, and (my favorite planting move) we put peony bushes on the west side of our house in the back. Sigh. I love peonies. Someday: hydrangea bushes, zinias, dahlias...more roses. Things I can enjoy outside, but also clip and bring inside to add beauty our home.

The most recent work we did and why I even thought to bring up "The Year of the Yard," was our yard work the past few days.

Our front flower beds did not have a trim around them. This was especially bad on the left larger bed because there was no distinction between the bed and the yard. Ryan suggested we use bricks because they match the house and are the most affordable. He dug a little path for them along the beds, and I snuggled the bricks into a nice line. Wonderful!

Another thing we did was use a low flat pot to keep our hose neatly wrapped up. It is so much cleaner than leaving it out or piled.

Look how awesome those bricks look! Nice idea, Ryan!

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