Friday, July 8, 2011

Bathroom Updates

Oh friends. I have been so absent. I apologize for not warning you I'd be gone. I didn't know I would be. I've been very busy at work and in life. Anyway, I was talking with Ryan and he sent me the most beautiful bathroom I have ever seen. I am in love.

I think if you asked either of us, this is the look we were going for blindly when we first moved in. Our walls are as calm as this green, but in blue. We have teak accessories.

Here comes the sad part of the story. The previous owners really did a quick and easy job to make it look nice superficially. When Ry removed the mirror that was hanging over the bathroom to replace it with another, there was actually a hole in the wall. Arck!

Then, the tub and surrounding tiles appeared to be bright, shiny white...months later we learned it had been painted on. It's in a partially peeled state right now.

Meanwhile, we are disheartened.

I keep thinking, is it worth it to spend large sums on home improvement? Maybe it is if your bathroom turns out this peaceful and relaxing. I might want to clean it more and shower more.

[Image: The New York Times]

1 comment:

  1. I think if you can budget it and it would make both of you happy you should go with it. Honestly the tub might not be too hard a fix though, you might ask someone the next time you go somewhere like Lowe's. (If you decide to make any major changes you'll need to write a guest post about it for me!)


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