Monday, July 11, 2011

Hip with It Couple's Shower part 1

If the term "Couple's Shower" makes me cringe, then there is no telling what boyfriends/husbands might think of it. We sent an invitation foretelling a fun and easy evening ahead. "Join us for a jaunty evening in celebration of Sara and Matt's Love." Plus what ignites curiosity more than a well-crafted invite adorned with a felt mustache? (We added Popsicle sticks for guests to cut out their mustache and attach to for the party.)

I used polka dot wrapping paper as a runner for our buffet, and made this the dessert section. The appetizers were on the front of the main table and the dinner dishes were on the back of that table. My sweet husband cooked up the makings for Cuban sandwiches which for our purposes includes pickles, mustard, Swiss cheese, ham and pork shoulder which Ryan roasted for 14 hours. It was so good! Fruits, dips and chips for pre-dinner snacking. Somehow we didn't get a shot of the drink station, but it included glass dispensers filled with two cocktails with interest peaking names. We also had water and tea.

Desserts included cupcakes by Grace Hearn, an Oreo and donut hole stack and tarts by one of the bridesmaids.
Check out the serving dishes. The purple ones I made using dishes and candlesticks from the Salvation Army Home Store. I spray painted them a coordinating deep purple (If you do this, be sure you either do not spray paint the top of the dish or that you have something between the food and the dish.).

Soon, photos from the photo booth and the outdoor dining room.

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