Monday, March 7, 2011

Hair for Someone Else's Big Day

I just love hair-dos! And with my brother's wedding fast-approaching, I need to decide how I want my hair to look. I'm planning to do it myself, so I have more flexibility/mobility the day of the wedding, in case there is need for any last minute help.

Here are some potential styles I could try and the directions to do them:
  • I've been sporting the Messy Side Ponytail a lot since Cup of Jo posted a how-to. I hope she keeps them coming!
  • Three Twisted Buns is Cup of Jo's most recent hair style explanation.
  • Have you heard of curling your hair with a flat iron? I was perplexed
    until Steph and I googled it up. Here is a great video. It looks like the rest of this girl's site might be pretty helpful, as well. Note: Entire Blog dedicated to beauty how-to's!
  • I'd love to see if I actually could make this side up-do work on my own. It's beautiful, Martha Stewart Weddings!
  • There is always the Beehive...altough I would go low and unassuming for someone else's big day.
This post made me think of my sweet friend Kevi on her wedding day. She curled her own hair the day of her wedding. Patiently hot ironing each one and hair-spraying it. It was like she infused every ounce of possible stress into absolute curl perfection.

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  1. Benefit of spending a small fortune on a hair straightener? The salesperson showed me how to use it to curl my hair too. :)


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