Friday, February 25, 2011

Shower Hour: How to Celebrate the Best thing that Ever Happened to Your Brother

My brother is getting married in a month! To a beautiful, sweet, fun, smart woman! Anyway, I helped make some decorations for the shower in Tulsa this past weekend. The photos were a little darker than I'd hoped, but I think you can see enough detail.
Starting from the upper right corner and work counter-clockwise:
  • This is a table decoration. I cut circles out of brown paper and placed the fancy circle design on top with a glue stick. I found the round design as a printable at Martha Stewart Weddings. I used an exacto-knife to cut slits for the ribbon to go through. I eyed the cut placement, but I used a small piece of cardboard as a guide for length of the cut. Then I strong ribbon through. I think using bigger ribbon might be a nice thing to try next time I make these.
  • This I did not make. It was a "Blushing Bride Martini" that the lovely folks at the Chalkboard prepared for guests. They said it was basically a cosmopolitan with raspberry liqueur and sherbet. So good!
  • You cannot see this perfectly, but it is a glassine bag that I ordered from I chopped some paper to the correct size to fold over the top of the bag, and I fixed it to the bag with time, I think I will add a special note inside the bag or see if I can get slightly more clear bags. I put some treats we purchased at Williams and Sonoma inside.
  • This is a sheet of paper cut to fit inside a small photo album/scrapbook for the bride-to-be to keep. I designed the look and added three possible topics for guests to write about- "One thing I know about love...," "Something you should know about Rob...," or "The key to marriage is..." Guests could check the topic they wanted and share their insight. We read answers out loud later in the party, but I think it was a great way to give guests something to do when they first arrived. Some of the replies made me cry-others laugh. Everyone seemed to enjoy it.
  • Finally, this is the chair decoration for the bride-to-be's seat. It is basically the same as the first item I described.
I'd like to note that I use my mom's Creative Memories tools to do most of my cutting, etc. They are super helpful and easy to use.

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