Monday, November 15, 2010

Dinner Party with Gorgeous Flower Arrangements

I went to the most lovely dinner party on Friday night, and I did the worst thing-- I forgot my camera. Well, I borrowed and apparently misused the host and hostess' camera (hence the slightly blurry second photo). I was generously surprised with a take-home vase, so I took some photos of it at home. Enjoy!

Setting a beautiful table makes your guests feel so welcomed and valued. Small touches matter if you have time to make them. Those are cranberries filling the vase. Such a beautiful arrangement.

Diane, the hostess, took an icepick to the apple and put the rose in the hole. She says an apple has enough water in it to keep the flower for 4 days. Pretty cool. She's an Oklahoma Master Gardener. Also cool.

I think my Thanksgiving table will look just like hers this year.


  1. Wish I was close enough to you to have dinner parties :-(

  2. Oh man! Lindsay we would be unstoppable hostesses together!


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