Monday, November 15, 2010

Chair! Take Your Skirt Off! Please.

Oh friends, I have a brave idea...what will Ryan think?

We have two chairs in our living room that my parents gave me a long time ago and have been around since before I was born.

I googled "remove chair skirt" and I found this diy post from The Brick House...I think it could work. I need to look at the chair leg situation. I don't know if ours screw off, and if not what our plan would be.

From The Brick House Blog. It's been done before!

I'm so excited. I need an update on these dear old friend chairs. While I am dying to spruce them up, I recently fell more in love with them after Ry and my trip to Bartlesville's Price Tower. Frank Lloyd Wright not only designed the building, but all the furniture that went into it. These chairs were a project with furniture manufacturer/designer Henredon.

Look how they are the exact peach/salmon/orange of my chairs! Oh my heart and Frank Lloyd Wright's design work! Removing the skirt would make them even more like Wright's and definitely clean up the lines.

My chair will become like Frank Lloyd Wright's chair. Living the dream.

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  1. Love this idea. Can't wait to see how it goes!


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