Friday, October 22, 2010

Party Crafting Supplies...the tools to make it happen.

Crafting supplies for holiday festivities. After photos to come.

All purchased at Michael's Craft Supply

1. Martha Stewart Glitter- it is the best and most beautiful. If you need glitter, don't deny yourself this stuff.
2. Martha Craft Glue- for now I wouldn't say this is a must have. It was cheaper than the Elmer's style glue that I saw, so I bought Martha's. I'd say most glues suffice.
3. Glitter Glue...this came in'll see why later. This I did get at Hobby Lobby.
4. Brown twine- so basic and surprisingly elegant due to its simplicity.
5. Tiny paper sacks for treats bags...
6. A bat stamp and ink pad to stamp the tiny bags...I had originally wanted to get a stamp with an outline of a glass jar and then stamp an eagle inside of it...Ryan said that was weird...but isn't that the point of Halloween? Weirdness.
7. Pencil, exacto-knife, plastic table cloth...the essentials.

***WARNING: Be careful with glitter purchasing: it's the gateway drug to crafting.

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