Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Halloween Party Plan:

We are hosting two Halloween parties in the next week (One is for Ryan's birthday!). I need to get with the decorations.

1. Creepy potions

3. How cute are these chips? See how to make them here.

5. A banner like this but with Halloween colors and black glitter of course.

*Note to self: I have a Halloween tablecloth from my mom...don't forget to use it!

Finally, I am thinking my costume will be a sorceress, just like Martha. It does involve a beehive after all.


  1. Will you be doing your own hair for said beehive?

  2. hey, we have a million halloween napkins. we'll bring a bunch next tuesday and you can have some for ryan's party too!

  3. Ellie! I will be doing my own hair. :-) I'm quite good at beehives. I could do yours too since I saw that you may be coming to our party.

    Maggie! That sounds wonderful!

  4. Ashley,
    These look awesome! Let me know if you need help preparing any decorations because it looks like fun. :)


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