Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My brother's rehearsal dinner

I want to help my parents with my brother's rehearsal dinner by creating the invitation and perhaps some of the decorations. They just hired a Beatles cover band, so Beatles, of course, is the theme. A nice contributing fact is that Rob's fiance was named after the song Michelle. A nice homage to the bride. My mother-in-law had sweet cosmopolitans be the signature drink of Ryan and my rehearsal dinner last November because they are my favorite drink.

The lovely Michelle and my brother Rob.
For Rob and Michelle's dinner, I'm thinking about making the invitation an album cover for a cd. It could have a Beatles posed image of Rob and Michelle on the cover, the time/date/etc. on the inside left sleeve, the list of what is on the cd on the right inside sleeve and the cd tucked inside. Maybe a mini fold up poster of them inside like the White Album!

 The cd could have an introduction/voice invitation from the couple, a short interview of them, and maybe some music. I think that would be so fun.

Ryan and I were so crazy busy last year before our wedding that I didn't have enough time to do crafty things for us. Thank goodness my mom has serious party game and got things handled for us. Since we are not buying a house and starting new jobs, I'm excited to do some special detail work for my brother. Hope this works out.


  1. Cute! You're so crafty! And it gives you an excuse to browse Martha Stewart Weddings, too!

  2. Omg, I LOVE this idea!! I'm lucky to have such a creative future sister-in-law =)

  3. Wow, I'm incredibly impressed that you came up with this idea Ashley! Very awesome. :)


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