Sunday, September 5, 2010

Ode to a Beautiful Three Day Weekend

I'm just sitting here with Walter enjoying the magic of attic fans. All the windows are open, and the fan is whisking in fresh air into our home, gently blowing puppy's fur.

The house got out of hand again. Laundry piled high, items from my parents covering the table and filling the garage, and all other manner of things where they shouldn't be. Ryan is in the garage organizing, and I am taking on the inside. Bob Dylan is helping us. Next week we are having a garage sale and hoping to make a little extra cash, but even more to clear out our home. One should only have as much stuff as will fit in their house. Maybe even less than that. :-)

My birthday is this coming Thursday, and I am super excited. Even more motivation to clean up the house.

The party will feature my great grandmother Alice's punch bowl. She gave it to my mom when Mom was about my age saying that it deserved to be used for parties. Mom said the same thing when handing it to me.

Well, back to cleaning. Hope your day is full of such wonderful sensory experiences as mine- breezes, sunshine, kisses and puppy fur.


  1. Mark and I should really work on taking advantage of our attic fan. Hrrmm...maybe this week!

  2. i just started eat, pray, love, like every other middle class white woman in the states. ;) but it did make me think of your blog... and how colorful and heartwarming you make it. So just stopped by to take a break and enjoy a gander. hope you're well!


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