Friday, August 6, 2010

Large dogs, soft scarves and headbands

I have a few things I want to share with you today:

Beautiful J. Crew Jersey Scarf

They feel like t-shirt heaven against my hands at the store. J. Crew kindly wants me to feel snuggly all throughout my day. Bless them.


Erin Wilson, a lovely Tulsa woman, makes beautiful "handmade pretties" and sells them on her Etsy Shop. Anyone who describes her work that way is at least a partial soul twin of mine. If you live in Tulsa, you can also find her things at Dolce Vita at the Woodland Hills Mall  and River City Trading Post Jenks OK. One thing I really like of hers are shoe clips- pretty flower clips you can add to your shoes to dress them up. I was just yesterday remembering an article I read about using clip on earrings for this purpose. Wish I had known about Erin last year before our wedding. All my little bridesmaids would have had flowers on their toes!
More Beautiful Headbands by Giant Dwarf on Etsy...oh, I am obsessed with headbands.

Finally, dear Lord, these puppies are cute. It hurts to look and not be able to hold them. I saw on the news this morning, and you can read here about how popular Tibetian Mastiffs are these days. Walter won't get quite up to their 180 lb mark, but he definately competes in fluffiness.

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