Friday, August 6, 2010

Feet and Shoes and a Compliment

A while ago I wrote about the minimalist girl I met once who only owned five pairs of shoes at a time: running shoes, flip-flops, rain boots, flats and heels. I've always wanted to be that girl (that is a whole separate topic), but there are so many shoes in the world that could bring me complete delight every time I look down.
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Oh my goodness! Imagine walking around all comfortable and looking all cute in these green moccasins! I'm crazy in love with grassy, crayola green. And that pup is adorable too.

Beautiful shoes always make me think of my favorite shoe store in Norman, OK, where I went to college- Shoetopia. My feet met these yellow lovelies at the beginning of summer, and my vow to have neat (either fully painted to fully clean) toenails has seriously enhanced their wearability. This pedicure was on a lark with my dear friend Julia on her birthday. Surprise pedicures always do the trick. "The trick for what?" you say. The trick for everything.

Speaking of Julia's birthday, we also went to my favorite shoe store in Tulsa, J. Cole. The shoes below seriously tempted me while I was there:

 But, unfortunately, I was wearing the following shoes that day, so I couldn't convince myself they were different enough.

Seychelle Dry Martini Wedges

I'd like to end this shoe post my saying that once, when I was in seventh grade, someone told me I could be a foot model. Many bare-footed days later, I think my feet have walked right past that occupation. I like to remember the compliment though.

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