Thursday, August 5, 2010

Personal Online Magazine

I just put together a Google Reader account for my bestie Stephanie. I had a great time going through all my blog reads and picking out what she might like and categorizing them. My favorite category is "Pretty Things to Look at." for those blogs that have just captivating images and easy reading. Blog reading is like a personal online magazine.

With that said, here are some things I enjoyed seeing today or thought about and wanted to post:

I would like to buy this book soon.
The writers also keep up this blog, which is full of lovely things to admire.

 I didn't see this painting online, but it is over my desk. My momma painted the Virgin Mary for my parish's upcoming fundraiser. The blue she is wearing is so rich. Thank you, Mom!

My little husband is adorable. Our friend Adam Wisneski took this photo and put the poster together. It's also hanging over my desk. There is nothing like a silly inspirational poster featuring you and your husband to get you into gear.

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