Friday, January 8, 2010

My grandparents are leaving

My grandparents are moving to Texas, where my aunt and cousins live. I'm completely heart broken. Our family has had such a hard time the past 3 years. Before then, we used to get together at least once a week on Sunday to have a big family meal at our house or theirs. We had so much fun. We were very close. Now we don't get together with my grandparents very much and when we do it is strained.

I've had a hard time coming to terms with the change in our family dynamics, especially being the only kid here in Tulsa to deal with it head on. Now that my grandparents are moving away, it makes it more real. All the happy memories at their beautiful house are being shut out- I cannot visit their memory at the house when someone else lives there. My grandparents are leaving. It feels like they are leaving us to go be with people who it is easy to be around. I'm angry and sad. I didn't make the tension that is making them move.
Life is short. No more seeing them often and easily. We'll miss so many big things.

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