Friday, December 28, 2012


It's been sometime since I've posted. We've all lived a year and several months since. Right around the time I stopped, I was taking a blog class and started stressing about making my posts beautiful and perfect for you, my readers. I've missed writing, and it hit me that when I am blogging, I'd best stick with what's authentic for me- sometimes I don't have time to make each post gloriously arranged, and that's ok.

Noteworthy happenings:
  • In September, I started a new job doing marketing at a local hospital
  • Ryan has a new band, Shake Shake; we do cool band stuff all the time now
  • At my new job, I have the opportunity to go to yoga three times a week
  • I ran a marathon last April
  • I visited Boston (LOVE) and Ryan visited New York. We both went to Denver

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