Saturday, August 27, 2011

I would have never guessed my favorite cake to make so far would be vanilla bean. This cake is out of this world delicious. It uses a real vanilla bean- which is about $10 a bean, but totally worth it. This is another Sweetapolita recipe. The icing tastes like vanilla ice cream. Seriously.
Part of the joy of cake baking for me has been sharing it. I got to enjoy this cake with five of my dearest friends (including my husband).

Every fall gets very busy for me with a large fundraiser at work. Things are falling into place, but steadily requiring more time. My goal this year is to not disappear from public, but find reprieve from work in the company of friends.


  1. Fabulous fabulous fabulous! Will you email me some of the photos from the night? Linds xxx

  2. $10, wowza! well...if it's worth it... ;)

  3. HI Ashley,, Wow these pics are fun.. love all the emotion.. I too did the BYW course but haven't had much time to get in touch. So thrilled to find you are into photography.. Could luck with the busy season. Carla

  4. Mountain Rose Herbs sells vanilla beans for $8 an oz, roughly a buck per bean.

    See, now you can make this cake more often.


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