Thursday, March 10, 2011

Puppy Child O' Mine

We took Walt to the dog park this past weekend. It's a new favorite outing for us. All those doggies running around playing. I love that Walter can run as much and as hard as he likes. He's a big guy with lots of energy.

And, Ry and I get to talk and be outside. It's all pluses at the dog park.

We've been going to the one on Charles Page (take 3rd street west and just keep going until you see the park on your right.). Although, I am excited to see the Hunter Park one when it opens again.
Walt romping around with another dog.
I think Walter looks especially cute with his ear flipped up as he hops over to the water bucket. He loves the water.


  1. Can I just say that, after a lovely run through downtown OKC this morning, it was such a joy to sit down at Coffee Slingers and have two weeks of blog posts from you to read. Love the hairstyle ideas...thinking of trying the three buns for Match Day festivities this week.

  2. Stephanie, I love you. I think the three buns would look great on you. I need to give myself time to try some of these ideas before the big day...I'm running out of time! :-)


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