Thursday, March 17, 2011

Four Years Ago Today

Dear Ryan Daly,

I'm so glad you came home to Tulsa during spring break four years ago to take me out for a Saint Paddy's Day beer. I spent a lot of time worrying over wearing a green dress or a green v-neck sweater (Sweater won out.). I could barely wait until you picked me up. My mom stood at the front door window to peer out at you. You didn't eat the Saint Patrick's cookie I casually gave you in the car, and I thought you might be crazy (You later told me you waited to eat the cookie until after you dropped me off. Thank goodness, he didn't turn down a cookie!). I was proud to be out with a redheaded man on Saint Patrick's Day. You kept me from making the amateur mistake of choosing watered-down green beer over the more tasty options.

Those two kids over there in the photo to your left. Yeah, they had no idea what was ahead. Funny how our body language showed something special even before we ever went on a date.

You're wonderful.




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