Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A photo I took on Tasha Does Tulsa

I googled myself. Yeah. I did. Well, the exciting thing I found is that my friend Natasha Ball used a photo I took of her son on her blog at Tasha Does Tulsa and Tulsa Kids. It's a quick snapshot from a dinner party, but it makes me feel happy to see it. Her baby Sam is the cutest, curly-haired blond boy. And Natasha is one of the funniest, most genuine people I know, and her writing is lovely and true. (Her husband Aaron is pretty great too!)

Their family recently came to our house for dinner, and Sam was not scared at all of Walter the giant puppy. But when Sam saw the brass crab we had sitting on a side table, he flipped out! He cried, screamed and cowered behind his parents. I took a napkin, wrapped the crab up and took him to another room "to sleep in his cage." Sam was relieved, and kept telling us, "It's okay now. The crab is gone to sleep. It's okay." I think he was convincing himself more than comforting us.

1 comment:

  1. You know? If I were a two-year-old boy, I think I might be scared of that brass crab, too. They're not exactly in the same category as bunnies or cute little piglets.


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