Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New Desk and Goodbye Perfect Table Friend

Some really handsome boys (Ryan the husband and Adam the friend) made my new desk just the right height. It meant drilling new holes and buying a fancy wrench.

It also meant saying goodbye to this lovely lovely table as my desk. It is square, and it just isn't functional as a desk for me. I'm going to sell it on Craigslist, I think. I'm heart-broken, but I am also proud of myself. It's like Ryan says, "It's just stuff." And this table, although one of the loveliest pieces of stuff I've ever touched, is a sign of me choosing a calm and efficient working environment. Breathe in the feeling of progress, Ashley. It is just stuff.

 *Update: My mother-in-law is purchasing it. I am so glad it will be in a happy home!

*Photos to come of the new office space.

Here is the table in my first apartment as a grown-up lady. It was the dining room/breakfast/work-station table.


  1. I'm super glad that the table is going to someone you know. So hard to get rid of "stuff" that you really love.

  2. You're a fancy wrench! Love you!


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