Monday, January 17, 2011

Mondays, New Office and Vignettes!

Mondays can be a bummer, even if you love your job. I find myself looking forward to work more now that my office is all put together. I'm fortunate to have had the resources and support to repaint my office a nice quiet yellow. 

My mom screen printed the piece on your left. Ryan and I call it "Earth Mother." The center piece is a photo Ryan took, and I painted the flower on the right. Don't miss the turquoise lamp! Sometimes colors just come into my life and choose me. Turquoise has done that lately- I own two turquoise lamps. The same thing happened with peach/salmon, especially chairs. I had until this past week seven orangy/peachy chairs. I recently sold two that I really loved, but just didn't fit in our house anymore space-wise. I'm trying to learn about living in the space I have.

On a particularly busy set of days last week, I set up a nice desk vignette for me to enjoy-- wedding photo, flower from a bouquet at home and a rockin' mini-chair. I feel so pleased when I glance over at it. (Apparently vignettes are a thing these days.)

Finally, I have a coat hook in my office now! Everything has it's place, and that feels good.


  1. LOVE the vignette. i've never heard of such a thing but i love it. i wish i could put you in my pocket and have you create vignettes for me wherever i go.

  2. I bet you have already created vignettes for yourself on your dresser or shelves. Little scenes to bring you joy/peace/pleasure when you see them. Love you!


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