Saturday, January 1, 2011

Goodbye 2010, Hello 2011

I like to say goodbye to the passing year with a recap:

Ryan and me, Michelle and Rob, my brother.
Rob and Michelle's engagement is high on the
list of joys in 2010.

This year we became a family of three by welcoming Walter the dog to our family, I (along with a lot of help!) raised over $150,000 for my school and parish through fundraiser and grant, all of my Heider family (brother, grandparents, and parents) moved to Texas (My parents moving has been one of the hardest things I have ever dealt with.), my sister-in-law Sara moved to Kansas City, we did family portraits with Ry and I in plaid flannel at the Tulsa Rose Garden, along with my mom, I fell in love with Chanel nail polish,
 we owned a house for one year, I learned to ride a bicycle, I met my lovely neighbors (Jessica, Robin and Sarah), I met Jen and Julia (med students!), we celebrated our first anniversary, we started our consulting business A & R Consulting, LLC (We don't have everything up and running yet, but we have our articles of incorporation. I'll tell you more when we get there. Life takes time.), we started saving for our retirement, we both turned 26, Walter swallowed a sock and lived to tell about it, my brother got engaged to the love of his life, our whole family met Rob's love Michelle and we fell in love with her too, I started attending monthly adoration at my parish, we painted a herringbone wall in our house and painted a wall black in Ryan's man room (I should show you pictures of that room- it's so fun.), I got bangs again, I seriously twisted my ankle and had to hobble for over a month, I went to Houston for both Thanksgiving and Christmas for the first time, I stepped up my blogging, Jerry moved to Tulsa, my best friend Stephanie likely spent her last year in close proximity to us and we lived it up and still are (She will probably move for medical school residency), I went canoeing with my friends for the 2nd time and it was fabulous again, Su visited us twice and it was just the best, we saw the Black Keys and The Dead Weather in concert at the Cain's, I started getting my eyebrows professionally waxed and my arches have never been so alluring, we threw for the 2nd year in the International Cow Chip Throwing Contest in Beaver, Oklahoma, we watched every episode of Bones, my dear friend Rosemary had her second child (Ruby and Tez), we hosted a fabulously weird party where we told secrets and performed talents, Matt and Andy had two awesome parties that erupted into crazy dance offs, I saw a priest breakdance, I decided to start getting healthier (more on this later), I started drinking green smoothies almost every morning, Tulsa got a local gelato restaurant (Mod's=Amazing!), and best of all, I found out that marriage is sweeter with each passing minute- Ryan, my life is beyond my wildest dreams because of you.

Love you, family and friends. Thank you for reading this past year.

Hello, 2011. I'm certain you hold a wealth of promise and hope. 

This home has a herringbone wall in it.

Baby perfect Walter joined our family.
Best decision this year.

Meatball subs at the drive-in movie.

I fell more in love with this man. It couldn't be helped.
Could camping with my friends be any more fun?
Jen, me and Stephanie are eating our dinner packs.

Mardi Gras dinner party!

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