Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Ashley Heider Daly Wears Jeggings: The Pant of the Future

Skorts = skirts + shorts, jorts = jeans + shorts (Thank you for alerting me to this one Jennifer Wood!), and today we will talk about jeggings, jeans + leggings. Yep, I am wearing them in the photo above. (I'm also wearing my rad new boots from Sideways Boutique!)

I'm not going to lie; the name jeggings creates two very extreme reactions in myself. Reaction One: Delight-- two words found each other to create a new and hilarious word (Think "spork."), a perfect marriage. Reaction Two: Oh No! This sounds out of control. Pants should be pants and leggings should be leggings- lines are being blurred- people will be confused and misuse this new creation. Oh no!

Enter Natasha Ball of Tasha Does Tulsa. She took me on a lady date the other night and picked me up wearing the most enchanting pants. Reminded me of Laura Petrie on the Dick Van Dyke Show (Sigh, Mary Tyler Moore. See Left.). Unexpectedly, demurely, hot. (Natasha, you can take this description how you would like.)

I tried them on at Old Navy and the Gap. Old Navy won me over with price ($6 on sale right now, ladies!), color (dark), length (safely on the ankle) and smooth details (pockets on back).

They tame my thighs, feel great around my tummy, go excellently with boots and flats, and I think were an all around great purchase.

I circle reaction one. Yay, jeggings.

(Look for more Jeggings photos to come...just for proof to all you skeptics out there.)

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