Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Craft It Christmas Style: Part 5

#4 Santa Spools

These are made from vintage spools. If you live in Tulsa, I used to find old spools in antique stores along Main Street in Jenks, but I would also check the flea market or garage sales.

Simply take red wood paint and coat the entire spool. I suppose you could use spray paint, but I think hand painting it would look best and it would be sure to preserve the lovely metal at the base.

Let it dry, then paint a circle of flesh tone paint and allow to dry. Then paint on the beard with fluffy edges in an oval around the face with white paint. Add the eye details and be sure to paint the mustache on after the beard has dried- it will make it differentiate better from the other white.

White at the top for the fluff on Santa's hat.

You're done! And he is jolly!

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