Saturday, December 4, 2010

Craft It Christmas Style: Part 2 Sparkly Glitter Star Dangly

#2 Sparkly Glitter Star Dangly

Another dangly for you. Sketch/trace three stars (find some online- google images and use them to trace or use a cookie cutter or bravely freehand) of varying size.

I'm thinking I will use a spray adhesive (local craft store!), then shake glitter over each side of the stars. Be sure to do this over a piece of paper of a tray that you can use to capture excess glitter and put it back in the bottle.

The final image is a close up where you can see that some pretty hooks are used to attach the stars. Feel free to use the same loops for the bell project or find hooks- ribbon or twine would work too.

I like the contrast of the sharp little bits of glitter with the soft, luxurious ribbon used to hang the piece. You can also go an extra step and add the tiny bell to the top. So sweet.

Voila- your furniture can be dressed in its holiday best (see the tv stand in the 2nd photo).

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