Friday, December 3, 2010

Craft It Christmas Style Part 1

#1 Bell Dangly Thing

Perfect for door knobs that need sprucing. You could also place it on cabinet knobs, lamp switches, random nails in the wall or even if you made the loop at the top large enough, you could wrap them around napkins for an audibly fancy table decor.

Good luck punching out those cute tree and star shapes, but I think just three regular bells in three consecutively smaller (or larger) sizes would do the trick just fine. Spray paint them red, that lighter green and silver.
I would use a little metal jewelry loop (find 'em at Hobby Lobby or Michael's) to attach them to one another and some ever-chic twine (seriously, I love twine) to make the loop at the top. 

The final piece is that charming tree at the bottom. Trace a tree onto cardboard and cover it in glitter. Oh so divine!

Put this puppy into a little brown box with some tissue and tie it with the same twine you made it with, and you are set to make someone's cabinets a lot brighter for the holiday season.

1 comment:

  1. I love crafty things!! I can't wait for more posts!!! Next year let's have a Christmas Craft Party in November...everyone brings one idea and the supplies. Better than a cookie swap!


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