Monday, November 1, 2010

Some Things I have been Thinking About...

I would like:
  1. To eat soup out of this fine food storage device.
  2. To get old man glasses the next time I go to get my prescription updated.
  3. To be surrounded by, perhaps swimming in, a giant pile of beautiful coasters like these from Greenchair Press. So pretty. 
  4. To remember where I found this photo. It was on the cutest blog and I forgot to copy the link before I closed out my internet earlier today. This lovely little blog made
  5. To share the extreme elegance of the Duchess of Windsor with you. Her jewels were going on auction soon (already?) and I googled her like crazy. So beautiful. Her husband abdicated the crown to marry her, and he is the one who felt guilty (because she was denied the right to be queen), so he bought her tons of jewels. Nice.
  6. To be in San Francisco between November 4-21st to see in person the fruition of these sketches at Elle's Decor's Most Stylish House in San Franciso.

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