Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Perfect Card

I gave Ryan the "Love is fun" one and my dear friend Stephanie the "Merci" one.
I'm always keeping my eye out for perfect cards. When you are just desperate for a card, you can almost never find THE perfect one. That said, I buy when I see them, like those silly mean ones I mentioned the other day and like these clean, crisp and delightful cards I just found.

They are by card designer Tori Higa (She has a beautiful website that I plan to browse soon, and her book looks intresting too. made with vintage fabric from her husband's great grandmother. The best part is that you can "purchase with purpose" knowing that part of the proceeds go to International Sanctuary an organization that advocates for victims of human trafficking world wide.

Fellow Tulsans, you can purchase them at Nattie Blue on Brookside (they also recently started selling headbands-ohmygosh, I love them!!!!). Or you can order them online at the International Sanctuary's website.

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