Friday, October 15, 2010

Today's Snack

I'd like to dedicate today's snack to Kathy, author of The Fiber of My Life blog and my coworker. She has led the way in healthy, organic, raw and all-around better eating in our office. I'm just a dabbler still, but the guidelines from Kathy that I have made mine are vitamin-rich green smoothies for breakfast and way way more fruit and veggies in my day. I try to make sure meat a secondary thought, if it is one, when planning a meal.

Tonight Ryan is making roasted veggies and fish or chicken. LOVE oven-roasted vegetables!


  1. Thanks for the dedication Ashley!!! It is great to be energized by great food and wonderful friends like you!

  2. Rob makes roasted veggies for us too, They are good!


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