Friday, October 15, 2010

Estate Sales

I love yard and estate sales. Do you?

Here is my little zoo of brass animals I brought home with me...
(A giraffe momma and baby, grasshopper and horse.)

I may or may not have brass animals tastefully littered through my home. (I love that I just wrote "tastefully littered" in reference to brass animals.)

I have a rule hunting through garage sales: only go to houses in the old, amazing part of town. I get an extra spring in my step knowing I might happen upon an estate sale that lets me roam all through a house from the 20's or 40's. There was one that had a closet the size of my bedroom with built in shelves and cabinets painted apple green with matching hounds tooth wallpaper (green hounds tooth!). Ryan and I were convinced the older couple who was moving out of that home were our personality twins from an earlier time.

It's a beautiful day.

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