Sunday, October 24, 2010

Halloween Treat Bags

The craft supplies I mentioned earlier were put to work...

Voila: Treat Bag

My future sister-in-law, Michelle, and my brother Rob were in town this weekend, so Michelle helped me prepare cookies to put in the bags.

1. Cookies Baked (I used Betty Crocker mix; it's the best for quick and easy!)

2.  Then I whipped up some icing. Seriously only powdered sugar and milk. My consistency this time could have been a little thicker. You want to combine them so that it's thick enough to coat, but still smooth and drippy.

3.  Dip the top of cookies into the icing. Shake a little, then sit on wax paper or tinfoil to dry. It makes a nice glaze on top.

4. We decided to add sprinkles.

5. Finished product. Yum! I think I will bake some regular old chocolate chip to add into the bags as well, and maybe we will add some candy too.

I like making things extra special. It is always so nice to know that someone took the time to add a little more joy into your life- this week, joy comes in the form of silly Halloween bags filled with cookies. 

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