Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Recent Crafting: Birthday Decorations

I put together a birthday banner for myself yesterday. I had so much fun. The part that spells out happy birthday was made using Martha Stewart's templates on; I added some fine silver glitter around each letter and strung them on a sparkly green ribbon.

The flag banner is composed of fancy paper from Michael's, hole-punched and strung on silver rope ribbon.


Tonight, I am going to bake cookies for party favors. I saw these beautiful scrolly, sunburst templates on Martha's website and just had to use them. Add a round punch of colorful paper and a note saying "Enjoy," then you have all the makings for a well-decorated cookie pouch.

I'm not sure if I am closing them with ribbon or stickers.

I love making crafts, and I am so grateful to have the time and energy to create some things again. I can't wait to host upcoming wedding showers, etc. It is so enjoyable to put together a festive gathering.


  1. Love love LOVE this all! Wish I was there to celebrate/craft with you!

    Have an amazing day tomorrow!

  2. Also, is it ridiculous that I'm already looking at Martha's make your own Christmas card designs?

  3. I love love love YOU! I wish you could come to the party too. And, no, Martha is amazing. Indulge in any crafting of any time no matter the season. ;-)

  4. love it! so professional and beautiful!


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