Monday, April 12, 2010

this weekend

  • sailing
  • campfire with smores
  • drive-in movie with meatball subs
  • brunch with parents
  • little girl's birthday party
  • hanging with grandparents
There has been a lot going on in terms of events on the schedule and emotional issues. I am exhausted. My grandparents moving is still weighing heavy on my heart. I started sobbing at lunch with them again. I can't seem to have a meal with them without crying.

My grandma gave me a St. Francis statue to put in my yard- she has had it for over thirty years- before she lived in Tulsa. He is a symbol of my efforts to heal and deal with this whole 3 year saga. I've got to be able to think about my family and smile- to recall fond memories and not feel overwhelming sadness. For whatever reason, I can look at St. Francis by my doorstep and feel peace and even joy for what I have shared with my grandparents- hopefully most of my thoughts and feelings about them will turn into this.

Deep breaths. Thank God for Ryan and Walter- they keep me smiling. I love to be close to them.


  1. Darling girl - life must move forward and people must move around. It hurts, but they're not that far away and it gives you an excuse to have long weekend getaways!! Love you so much x

  2. Linds, you are so sweet. I appreciate and love you.


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