Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving Thoughts

We had our first married Thanksgiving at my parents' house but with both of our families in attendance. It was special that everyone joined together. I hope our families continue to spend time together off and on. I like being able to see all of them in the same room. :-) I love both families so much.

We went sailing with Adam on Friday. It was awesome. I really like being out on the water. I think I do more things that scare me (as in things I cannot control the outcome- I let nature be more in charge of my whereabouts) when I am with Adam than any other person. I like that. It's good to be braver and to delve more into the outdoors. It's peaceful, and it takes all your energy and focus.

Speaking of the outdoors, I hope to start working on the yard a lot more. I can't wait to garden some...Ryan started the compost pile for us last week. I appreciate him so much. What a hard-working man.

I'm aiming to get more movement into my life in addition to eating better (still working on that habit...not so easy to master). The more I move, the easier it will get.

Life has been really overwhelmingly busy the past years...I'm trying so hard to cut down on all the commitments in my life. I really want to focus on the basics- taking care of my body, my husband, my home, my job...I want to downsize on responsibilities and try to regain some peace and rest in my heart.

I also went on a wild goose chase with Jarrel and Adam on Thanksgiving morning...the goose was injured with an arrow through its chest...we didn't catch it, but the next day a professional wildlife catcher caught it and took it to a refuge to be rehabilitated. Another wild adventure. Our friends add so much to our lives.

Speaking of, we had the best time at a potluck at our house Saturday night. I am just crazy about the people I am friends with. Ryan and I love having people over. It's just wonderful getting to use all our new hosting tools we got as wedding gifts. Such joy.

The list of thanks:
1. Ryan, my handsome and kind husband
2. our beautiful home
3. our kind and funny families
4. my wonderful job and co-workers
5. friends who brighten our days
6. all the hope and happiness ahead of us- thank you, Lord!

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