Friday, July 15, 2011

Chocolate Cake

The blog Sweetapolita has such beautiful photos of cakes that I was inspired to work hard in the kitchen...something I rarely do these days. Thank you for the tasty recipes and the fun I had baking! This chocolate cake with malt chocolate icing and toasted marshmallow frosting is amazing. I did it in two night stages, starting with baking the cake and ending with stacking and frosting.

I tried to document the process...including the amazing buttering of cake pans with a paper towel and soft butter. The flour just eases on so smoothly! Note my kind of (seriously) ridiculous need to clean my utensils as I go. And oh my goodness, how good do those layers look? And drumroll, please...the final product.

We just got home from eating it. So yummy. Maybe I like to bake now. Only time will tell.


  1. My birthday cake made the blog! :)

  2. that looks great!

    i've accepted that i can't comment on your blog on my iphone. which is sad. maybe i'll start just commenting on your facebook. it could be confusing though....


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