Thursday, May 19, 2011

Easy Wrapping Technique

One day I needed to wrap a book as a gift, and I did not have tape. (I also didn't have stickers like the ones I used in the photos to your left.) So, I got creative.

I simply cut the wrapping paper in a strip long enough to wrap around the book and inside the book's covers like a dust sleeve. Then I took some tissue paper and folded it into a band and tucked it around the book the same way. Finally, I took some twine (You could use ribbon.) and tied it around the entire piece to hold it together. Voila! No tape needed!

If you do have stickers, you can move on to other designs like these shown.

I like to stick to brown butcher paper (or this brown paper from Target with some slight stripes) and then have colorful ribbon and tissue to mark the occasion. This tactic simplifies things for me, and I am alway ready nomatter what wrapping need arises.

*I realize this method of wrapping does not hide that the gift is a book, but I think often people already know by the shape, and this looks so lovely and is kind of a tease for the receiver.

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