Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Danish Modern Chairs

We bought Danish Modern chairs two weekends ago at Mod50s on 15th Street in Tulsa. You can see a photo of the before chair below with its seriously bright and fuzzy cushions.

This chair on top is what we hope our chairs will look like once they come back from the upholsterer.

The chair with my perfect dog Walter on it is one of two identical chairs we are replacing.

I cannot wait to see them and have them! I'll take photos to show you the transformation. I am mostly looking forward to the cleaner, sleaker, more airy feeling of our new chairs.

I will however miss the old chairs...they've been through a lot with me. College...first home, not to mention all those years in my parents' home growing up.

***I've been absent lately due to very taxing tasks at work, so that by the time I am home, there is not one ounce of me that wants to be on the computer.

[Top Image: Pigeon Toe Ceramics]

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  1. "Modern Furniture's are great, do what they say when they say it. unlike many others........."


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