Monday, April 11, 2011

Tina Fey's Bossypants

I'm sorry it's been a week, friends. Life's a balance sometimes, and I have been tilting to home care/upkeep recently. We got all our laundry done, dishes under control and rearranged some furniture this week.

I picked up Tina Fey's new book Bossypants to read. I LOVE Tina Fey. There is nothing like someone who genuinely makes you laugh.

Do you need a Monday pick-me-up? Here, read what's on the back of her book:

Once in a generation a woman comes along who changes everything. Tina Fey is not that woman, but she met that woman once and acted weird around her.


"You'd be really pretty if you lost weight." (College Boyfriend, 1990 )

"Tina Fey is an ugly, pear-shaped, overrated troll." (The Internet )

"Mommy, where are my pretzels?" (Tracy Morgan )


"I hope that's not really the cover. That's really going to hurt sales." (Don Fey, Father of Tina Fey )

"Absolutely delicious!" (A Guy Who Eats Books )

"Totally worth it." (Trees )

"Do not print this glowing recommendation of Tina Fey's book until I've been dead a hundred years." (Mark Twain )

"Hilarious and insightful. Laugh-out-loud funny -- oh no, a full moon. No! Arrgh! Get away from me! Save yourself!" (A Guy Turning into a Werewolf )

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