Tuesday, March 15, 2011

On the Run!

Just a few things for my fellow running friends.

Joe English writes the blog Running-Advice overflowing with great information on seriously ANY question you have about running. Like how much should my legs hurt after running a 10k or what should I eat after or before I run?

After a recommendation from my best friend and multiple marathon and triathlon runner Stephanie, I am reading Born to Run by Christopher McDougall. I have to say so far it is captivating. This guy is an easy writer to read, and his topic is fascinating: this amazing tribe of people in Mexico who run wild distances all the time.

The book is McDougall's story of his interaction with this tribe- how he got to them and what he learned. For some reason, I was super bored by the cover, so it took me two weeks after buying it to pick it up and start reading. Don't judge a book by its cover- the overused saying remains true.

I ran six miles on Sunday. Four has been my record for years, so it was a big deal to make it past that. I'm amazed at how the body changes and adapts. I can talk through the entire run- and I do, I talk to myself saying, "I can, I will, I'm strong!" No really, I say that to myself.


  1. He just did a huge fundraiser for my Dad's non-profit! I'm so excited to get to see you Ashely - it's been years!!!
    - Tori

  2. Tori! I am excited to see you too! I keep up with your life through Katie, but that's not the same as getting to hug and see an old friend for yourself. What is your dad's non-profit? And what did Christopher do for it? I'd love to hear.


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