Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine Things

Here is a recap of Valentine's things in my life lately:

I did some Valentine-making, but didn't have enough stamps. Next year vow: mail all Valentines on time. All that snow, gave me plenty of time to create though. The theme was glitter and water color crayons. 

Saturday was kinda our Valentine's Day because Ryan starts his new job on Monday...and it's more fun to have a whole open day to celebrate a day of love. Ryan made the cheesy grits, I made the eggs in a basket or as Ryan calls it, "toads in the hole." Please note: the basket/hole is a heart!

We went to Michael Fusco's for dinner, and it was delish! I had liver and onions, and Ryan had a strip and french fries (They make super skinny perfect fries.). When Ry asked if wanted dessert, I said I had been thinking of the Sonic Red Velvet Cheesecake Blast. He nodded immediately. Fancy pants dinner, then fast food sweets. (I've been dying to have it since it came out, then even more when rather randomly Tulsa's former mayor Kathy Taylor told me she thought it was wonderful. She just so happens to be on Sonic's board of directors.)

Bachelor Monday night with a few friends...and heart-shaped pizza. 

Happy Valentine's my dear readers! It's a day to celebrate all those who put love into the world.


  1. What new job??? Lady, you owe me a phone call. :-)

  2. I keep re-trying that blast myself. It's good, but pretty sweet. But since it's a limited time thing, I think I should keep giving it chances. :)

  3. Oh man, it was good, but I'll be honest, the Oreo Blast that helped me gain at least 30lbs the year of my marriage is definitely the best tasting Blast to date.

    Yes, Kate! He has a new job. Phone call to happen soon, I hope!

  4. you are super hardcore for eating liver and onions.


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