Saturday, January 22, 2011

Brookside Boutiques I love

There are two boutiques nestled on a corner off of Brookside (in Tulsa!) that I love to browse around: Ribbons and Sideways. I stopped in them when picking up a warm bowl of wonton soup on the opposite corner. Here are the items haunting my desires and topping my wish list:

Echo Touch Gloves in mustard yellow- so much joy right on your fingertips. I googled them up and there were these quilted ones featured on the New York Times website. They knew about beehives; I feel like that means they are right about these gloves.

So you are out and about wearing some sassy shoes, and all of a sudden the shoes turn on you. You're in pain. No problem. Enter FootzyRolls. Roll up flats that fit in your purse and come out to save the day! Sounds good to me.

Ribbons also has lovely home items, great gift ideas and precious children's clothing.

Ribbons on Peoria:
3525 South Peoria AvenueTulsa, OK 74105-2528

DwellStudio home pieces are stunning. The pow of their color combinations, the simplicity of design and then mixing all the pieces together- wonderful!

Nicole Boots. They can be worn all the way up, with the top flat folded down, with the leg slouched, or in a box with a fox. Very versatile. Sales prices may have dictated that I go ahead and purchase these.

Sideways is full of warm and rich colors. Pretty jewelry, flirty party dresses (lace, sequins, bows, pockets!), home design pieces and sparkly cards.

Sideways Boutique
1307 East 35th Place
Tulsa, OK 74105


  1. I would do some unmentionable things in exchange for those gloves - things that will go unnamed, I guess, since I could just buy them.

  2. I saw this linked on TDT and must say your blog is adorable....and those gloves are amazing!


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