Friday, December 10, 2010

Craft It Christmas Style: Part 7

 #7 Enchanted Snowflake Tree

This little tree is so elegant. Mom has it right in the window sill of her kitchen where it can bring her joy each day.

Making it is a commitment though, I think. I have dreamed of making it ,but never attempted it. Maybe this year.

Start with a Styrofoam block and stick a foot long wire rod into it. This is your base. Have five more wire pieces standing by. 

Take one wire piece at a time and fold it around the base wire. See photo for visual. There should be even amounts of both ends of the wire on either side. Do this with the rest of your wire- you can add more pieces to make more branches.

You could make those snowflakes that attach to the ends of each branch, but I bet you could find them or some other adorable and very small ornament at Target or craft stores. I do love how this tree is one color, as if it is covered in snow, but other colors may look nice too.

Spray paint that foam block white too- it will look much nicer than a plain old piece of Styrofoam.

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