Friday, October 29, 2010

We joined an organic food co-op- Anner's

Recently on Tulsa's Groupon, as well as the talk of our parish office, is Anner's Wellness Works. We joined their organic food co-op and get to pick up fresh organic veggies and/or meats each Thursday.

Meet Anner. She joyfully posed for a photo and signs her emails filled with information about the weekly produce and recipes with "love, Anner." Something about her being someone who works hard to bring these healthy options to our town makes me really believe her kind email sign-off.

Here is Ryan picking out our produce. You bring your own bag and make you way around the table gathering up the allotted amount of each item. Vibrant colors! Can't wait to make dinner with these!

Another perk? We get to cut fresh herbs any time we want. Nothing like free thyme.

I can't wait for each Monday's email telling me what treats there will be to pick up! It invigorates my week with anticipation!

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