Thursday, October 28, 2010

Things I Like Right Now

  1. Bagatelles And Co's beautiful clutches! I am in love with this shape. It's so soft, yet elegant and structured.
  2. A friend of mine has a pair of these Bandalinos in a gorgeous muted gold. They don't make that color anymore, but look at all these other great options. I am giving up on high high heels for the time being. Twisting my ankle a month ago just makes me cringe at the thought of hurting my feet again.
  3. Cup of Jo showed this ring off a while ago, and I cannot get enough of looking at it. So pretty and basic. Reminds me of my parents and their lovely id bracelets.
  4. She also discussed the use of hot pink lipstick...I received the above shade (Sheer Milan) a while back as a complimentary gift with purchase from Trish McEvoy, and I thought "Never in my life!" I tried it today- the sheer part makes it accessible. I felt like Barbie, and I loved that.
  5. Speaking of Barbie, Chanel has some incredible pinks out right now for nail polish. Pulsion for flat out classic hot pink and Rose Insolent for a sherbet look. I'm not seeing these colors on the website, but they just showed up in Tulsa at Saks. Check local retailers. Also. They have
  6. I wore this red lip color to my big work fundraiser earlier this month. It will never leave your side, even to stick to a wine glass you are sipping or a husband you are kissing. Incredible. (It looks pinker online; check it out in person.)
  7. These Reina mini-designer chairs are adorable and very much the perfect cherry on top day after your birthday gift for my husband Ryan. The green one is for his office, the red rocker stays on my work station. 

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