Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Herringbone Wall!

Ryan and I saw this blog post on DesignSponge, and decided this project belonged in our home. I've been dying to share this with you...please enjoy our new herringbone wall!

We decided to keep the design the side of the wall closest to the front door so as to define an entryway space for our home. You walk directly into our living room from outside, and this wall is the best one for television placement. I kept feeling grumpy about people walking in and seeing the TV first. Now, you walk in and see the welcoming presence of herringbone- a nice shout out to strong patterns of the past with an updated size adjustment.

Thank you, Ryan, for all your work! You make home owning so much fun!


  1. WOAH! That's awesome. Good jorb.

  2. I just love how this turned out Ashley! Would love to share your project with my followers too.

  3. Thanks Ladies! Caitlin, I'd love for you to share it on your blog.


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