Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My old home: the corncob

I drove down memory lane recently...

For the first two years after I graduated college, I lived here at the University Club, a building I nicknamed "the Corncob." It was the first major building in the United States to be designed on a computer. My apartment was on the 17th floor and shaped like a piece of pie with the window being the crust. It was one room with four closets. I loved living in one room, loved it. I'm not sure what that means about me, but I keep that fact in my back pocket-- I love living in one room.

I also love living in my perfect yellow house with my husband and puppy, but I will never forget all the beautiful memories and fun that took place in my slice of the pie.

Ryan playing some tunes on his computer keyboard. You can see the couch along the wall, my bed is against the window on your right. My desk is on the left along the window as well. The kitchen, breakfast table and patio are opposite the couch (not visible in this photo.).

A seriously amazing view.

Friend family dinner.

See the long hallway. Wish I had pictures of my amazing closets.

Kitchen where Ryan proposed to me. (This is a reenactment.)

The trash shoot was labeled "Rubbish," making it amazingly fun to take out the trash.

I loved putting my makeup on in front of this mirror.

Hallway when I just moved into the apartment. That's Jarrel doing fancy hand-movements.

A very-proud Corncob-dweller on her patio.
Loved it so much.

*Ry and I were in a local documentary talking about the apartment just before I moved out--Tulsa A-Z by Jack Frank, a super nice and talented documentarian. 

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  1. It was such a fabulous flat ("apartment")! x


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