Monday, September 13, 2010

Birthday Purse and Web Contributions all in One Place

For the day of my birth, my sweet husband got me a purse I have been dying to have! It's Felix & Jayne from Dwelling Spaces in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Ryan, few husbands could pick out a purse their wife would love this much- you rock my socks off daily. While you admire the intricate twists of fabric, string and yarn on my purse, also notice the new Chanel polish I picked up as a happy birthday to me gift; the color is khaki brun.

Also, I happened upon this interesting website that allows you to put all your RSS Feeds/web content into one neat place. Here is mine...mine is just getting started, but it seems like a nice place to send folks, so they see the whole shebang of your web contributions.

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