Wednesday, August 25, 2010

No babies for a long while, but...look at these tiny things!

The answer is 2-4 years. Ryan and I want some time before we have a baby, so we will be waiting 2-4 years. I must say though that I see so many sweet babies at the parish, and several of our friends are having children. I think they are so wonderful. The way they love their mommas and daddys. But, if Walter is any indication of how much work a baby is, then we are definitely holding off. Someday though, I will indulge in baby animal pictures and other precious tiny things.

1. Baby animal prints by The Animal Print Shop by Sharon Montrose for decorating a baby's room.

2. Cute little onesie by ohlittlerabbit.

3. These diaper covers are freaking adorable! I will make my child look ridiculously sweet in fluffy and frilly things like this! Nice work RaeGun's Etsy Shop!

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